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New robotics system offers doctors greater precision and saves time-

ZEISS has announced the launch of its new Robotic Visualization SystemTM, KINEVO® 900, which is designed to deliver more functionality than any other surgical microscope today.

The KINEVO® 900 incorporates 100 innovations and combines optical and digital visualization modalities. It offers the unique Micro-Inspection Tool (QEVO) and impressive Surgeon- Controlled Robotics.

By combining the Surgeon-Controlled Robotics with its new navigation interface, medical practitioners will be able to minimise time-consuming efforts in approaching challenging neurosurgical pathologies; perform automated positioning to pre-defined anatomical landmarks based on pre-operative data planning and approach deep-seated pathologies in cranial surgery, brain stem or skull base tumour removals.

ZEISS Profit Centre Manager Medical Technology, Grant Froneman says the KINEVO® 900 offers doctors even greater certainty in a virtually disruption-free workflow. “The Surgeon- Controlled Robotics deliver a complete new level of precise positioning, enabling intelligent positioning functions and reducing manual hassle. Importantly, it helps practitioners to focus on what matters most: their treatment.”

The system’s new PointLock functionality allows users to focus on and move around a structure to visualise the targeted anatomy. In addition, the Surgeon-Controlled Robotics minimise collateral system vibrations, thereby enabling active vibration dampening and ensuring rock- solid stability.

Froneman says the system also allows for efficient workflow by storing identified regions of concern in its intelligent PositionMemory. “These can be recalled and visualised at the same magnification, working distance and focus.”

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