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We help companies build their brands by creating powerful messages to communicate their purpose, values and personality. We work with you to identify the best way to tell your story through words, images and actions.


From developing core messaging, to strategy development, designing the look and feel of collateral materials, writing press releases and facilitating client events, PR Worx can deliver on all your corporate communications needs, including:

  • Annual reports, results and special publications

  • Website copywriting & management

  • Conferences & exhibitions

  • Speaking opportunities

  • Media conferences and press experiences

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Whether your company's passion is for people, animals or the environment, our talented team at PR Worx will work alongside you to develop a social responsibility campaign that reflects your corporate values, and invites engagement from your stakeholders.


We pride ourselves on creating corporate social investment and responsibility campaigns that make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. PR Worx can assist you with:

  • CSI and business strategy alignment

  • CSI Strategy design, development, implementation and management

  • Publicity campaigns

  • Social media campaigns

  • Shaping value-sharing initiatives

  • Creating common internal and external engagement platforms

  • Creating CSI opportunities aligned to your corporate objectives


At PR Worx, we pride ourselves on being able to create concepts that are not only creative and innovative, but also impactful and effective. We have a long history in the communications industry and offer a wide range of services through our experienced team. Here are some of the core areas we specialise in: 


  • Above-the-Line Marketing                                                      Mixed Multimedia

  • Animation                                                                                 •  Photography      

  • App Development                                                                  •  Podcasts    

  • Below-the-Line Marketing                                                    •  Remarketing

  • Business to Business                                                               •  Sales Funnels

  • Business to Consumer                                                            •  Social Media

  • Brand Activations                                                                    •  Through-the-line Marketing

  • Brand Launches                                                                      •  Videography

  • Content Creation                                                                            Video Editing

  • Corporate Gifting                                                                            Virtual Reality Conferences

  • Digital PR & Marketing                                                              Vodcasts

  • External Communications                                                            Website Development

  • Event Management

  • Google Optimization

  • Graphic Design

  • Internal Communications

  • Newsletter Campaigns

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An unprecedented crisis can be a game-changer. A simple rumour or allegation can wreak havoc with the identity of your organisation and brand.  


Having been in business for over 20 years, PR Worx has extensive experience in crisis communications. Whether you're looking to manage a social media crisis, or are in need of fully-fledged emergency management planning, PR Worx’s top management will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your brand is fairly and accurately represented in the media. To protect your brand- and shareholder value, we will assist you in communicating with the relevant stakeholders to ensure they are kept up to date with the situation, that you retain employee trust and that investors have peace of mind. 


We have handled it all: from allegations of using a Chinese sweatshop during the Soccer World Cup, to a local airline’s grounding, to managing rat poison ingestion for a large restaurant franchisor, to strike action for an international mining group, to a roof collapse for a national chain, to a prominent CEO being accused of corruption. 

The PR Worx team can help you with it all, including: 

  • Drafting crisis communications manuals and strategies 

  • 24-hour availability for clients' crisis needs 

  • Reputation management services 

  • Media training 

  • Media management 

  • Social media management 

  • Stakeholder engagement 

  • Spokesperson duties 

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We are passionate about events. We believe it’s much more than just throwing a bunch of people into a room together. We believe in creating positive and long-lasting brand experiences that add value to your bottom line. From managing VVIP business meetings for five people to conferences or corporate family days catering to over 7,000 guests, we can handle it all. Each event we coordinate is also supported by a comprehensive public relations and marketing plan to ensure your event makes a measurable contribution to your strategic communications objectives. 


We can assist you with: 

  • Awards ceremonies 

  • Banquets & balls 

  • Cocktail parties 

  • Conferences, seminars and workshops 

  • Golf days 

  • Press conferences 

  • Product and service launches 

  • Relationship building events 

  • Team building events and getaways 

  • Year-end functions 

  • Venue and supplier sourcing 

  • Invitation copywriting, design and distribution 

  • Corporate gifts and swag bags 

  • Guest list & RSVP management 

  • VIP management 

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From increasing productivity and morale to effectively dealing with organisational change, or even addressing cultural and performance issues, a well executed internal communications campaign can go a long way towards improving your employees' team spirit, peace of mind and general attitude. 


With PR Worx, you will find that you can gain the competitive advantage in your industry by ensuring that your employees are engaged and informed. We help organisations such as yours to increase employee productivity, morale and retention through: 

  • Strategic corporate messaging campaigns 

  • Staff motivation strategies 

  • Internal information and communication channels, e.g. intranets and newsletters 

  • Roadshows, internal promotions and incentives 

  • Live business broadcasts 

  • Award and recognition programmes 

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At PR Worx, we go beyond writing and disseminating press releases as our targeted media strategies capitalise on our extensive and established media network to ensure maximum exposure and best placement. Our strategic thinking provides us with an unrivalled understanding of your business, industry and market. Our experienced journalists have a proven track record for generating results for their clients across both local and international markets. 


For more than 20 years, we have been working with diverse clients from across the globe to devise targeted strategies that take into account their goals, needs and ambitions through newsworthy stories and thought-provoking content that showcases your value proposition immediately. 


We can help you with: 

  • Press releases 

  • Media interviews 

  • Publicity 

  • Press conferences 

  • Media events 

  • Press tours 

  • Editorials 

  • Advertorials 

  • Surveys 

  • Thought leadership articles 

  • Opinion pieces 

  • Features 

  • Listicles 

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Through our experienced internal journalists, PR Worx is the ideal agency to be your trusted partner in all your business writing needs. Whether you need content for specialist industries such as mining, engineering, lifestyle, travel and IT, or technical writing services, we are here to help you communicate effectively with both internal and external audiences. 


PR Worx is dedicated to providing the most effective, custom-written content for our clients. We have a vast knowledge of specialist areas and can assist you with all your business writing needs, including:  

  • Content creation 

  • Media and press releases 

  • Feature and opinion pieces 

  • Thought leadership pieces 

  • Advertorials 

  • Editorial pieces 

  • Newsletters and blogs 

  • Brochures and brochure-ware 

  • Speeches 

  • Annual reports and special publications 

  • White papers 

  • Technical articles 

  • Ready to publish advertorials 

  • Proofreading and editing services 

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

  • Website copywriting 

  • Proposals 

  • Social media  

  • Executives’ LinkedIn and social media posts


PR Worx is home to some of South Africa’s most successful and connected social media experts. With over 150 years combined experience in public relations, we apply this knowledge when advising our clients on everything from digital campaigns, to webinars, to Facebook-hosted magazine, to Instameets, Vodcasts and Podcasts, to daily social media engagement. 


Social media is becoming more powerful than any other marketing channel, with the ability to engage people on a level that was previously impossible. PR Worx is here to help your business take advantage of this opportunity.  


Let our team of experts help you with: 

  • Social media profile creation 

  • Social media artwork and graphic design 

  • Social media profile management 

  • Content generation 

  • Competitions 

  • Launches 

  • Reputation management 

  • Customer engagement 

  • Campaign creation, implementation and roll out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and more 

  • Webinars 

  • Vlogs 

  • Blogs 

  • LinkedIn posts 

  • Live events 

  • E-Books 

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