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Pilot Crushtec - creating solutions for an ever-changing industry.

It goes without saying that, in all industries, across all sectors, wasteful expenditure is a sure fire way to hasten a company’s demise. What comes to mind is the concept of ‘Just in Time’ manufacturing, made popular in the 70’s by the Toyota corporation which stated a company should be geared toward making just what is needed, when it is needed, and only in the amount needed.

The mining and quarry sector is no different.

By over-capitalising on Capex, one runs the risk of tying up much needed capital that could be better utilised in other areas. This is where Pilot Crushtec’s modular solutions for the mining, quarrying, construction and recycling industries comes to the fore as the logical choice for companies across the spectrum.

To define the concept of the modular plant, Mark Reeves, sales engineer at Pilot Crushtec, says that the idea is modular by design and implementation.

“From a design perspective, you can select the components you need, for your specific application. These units are then interlinked with conveyors and a solution is tailored to your specific needs and site specifications. Once the design is defined, all the modules and individual components are sent to site, lifted into place and bolted together – not unlike a Mechano set. Additionally, should your requirements change at any point within the design process, you are able to tweak the requirements, so you have exactly the right layout, equipment, and capacity to get the job done. You get to choose what you need, when you need it, and can add modules as and when required.”

The concept would, at first, seem to be aimed at solutions for the larger companies within the market, but as we have seen over the last few years, smaller entrepreneurs and medium sized companies are on the rise. The modular solution in this case would make perfect sense for those enterprises starting off small, with an eye to growing their business and creating sustainability within a challenging global economy.

“These modular plants are extremely scalable and, as such, can cater to a wide variety of companies, irrespective of size or application. We can design and implement a solution that will process anything from 10 tons an hour to 500 tons an hour – and should your requirements change over time, additional units can be slotted in to increase production.”

The concept of the modular plant, the brainchild of engineers at Pilot Crushtec, is a seamless integration of the company’s industry know-how, innovation and manufacturing capabilities with global machine manufacturer, Metso.

As with all the Metso products, the components come with the industry leading five-year/10 000-hour extended Equipment Protection Services (EPS) warranty. “We realised there was a gap in the market for a modular solution and took it upon ourselves to study the general assembly drawings from Metso and devised a way to make the concept work,” says Reeves.

The mining, crushing and screening industry is, by its nature, incredibly dynamic. Unforeseen circumstances occur all the time and if you are not prepared for these events the financial implications could be dire. As with all things in the 21stcentury, agility and adaptability are key to survival, and being able to plug and play components, as the need arises, just makes sense.

“There is no consistency in what comes out of the ground. That’s a given,” says Reeves. “Case and point is a quarry in Port Elizabeth that was working on citric sandstone, a fairly competent substrate. After blasting, there was a reasonable, consistent top-size and dust which the crushers could easily handle. Unfortunately, they hit a fracture running straight through the centre of the quarry. The material was pebbles and smaller so did not need crushing, only screening. The solution to this was to continue mining and crushing the larger substrate on the original stage and then to add a second module to merely screen the smaller material. Essentially, our modular solutions cater to this particular situation perfectly - they can adapt to the environment.”

The smart money, going forward, will almost certainly be on the modular concept. In a world where almost everything is a bespoke, client-centric offerings, customers expect more convenient, predictable and reliable choices and Pilot Crushtec delivers. Having the ability to custom design a plant with off the shelf components and then being able to scale it according to your needs going forward, without the hassle of major earthworks, retooling, and construction just makes sense in an ever-evolving industry.

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