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Mrs South Africa has applauded Miss South Africa’s recent announcement that it will be changing its competition rules to allow married women and mothers to compete in future competitions.

Chief Executive Officer Joani Johnson notes that the decision signals yet another landmark step within the local pageant industry for celebrating women of all backgrounds, closely following Mrs South Africa’s own announcement earlier this year that it would be extending its entry requirements to include married women up to the age of 55 years.

“We are creating platforms for launching the female ambassadors of tomorrow, which is why representation and inclusivity is so important, and why the Miss SA changes are so significant for the industry,” she says.

“As Mrs South Africa, we are proud to also be playing a part in embracing inclusivity by shattering the stigma of ageism by giving more mature women an opportunity to enter and become a powerful voice for good.”

She explains that the two pageants will continue to complement each other, as Miss SA is only open to entrants under the age of 28 years, while Mrs South Africa is open to married women up to the age of 55 years.

“Both programmes play an important role for supporting women through different stages of their lives, and showcasing their strength, talent, and determination as inspirations to us all.”

Johnson adds that as a valued women empowerment programme, Mrs South Africa is proud to walk alongside women as they rediscover themselves and actively pursue their dreams, no matter their age.

“We provide these women with coaching, skills training, and networking opportunities, helping them to positively transform their lives and careers, and gain confidence in their own abilities as leaders and change-makers,” she says.

“On behalf of Mrs South Africa, I would also like to offer our warmest congratulations to Ndavi Nokeri on her well-deserved win as the newly crowned Miss SA. We hope to see you someday at Mrs South Africa!”

The top 30 Mrs South Africa finalists for 2022 were recently announced at a memorable event at Emperor’s Palace, while the widely anticipated finale will take place on November 11, where viewers across the country will be watching to see who takes the crown.

A full list of the 2022 finalists is available here:

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