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Exceptional matric results a feather in the cap for online learning

Exceptional matric results a feather in the cap for online learning

As the 2022 Independent Examination Board (IEB) matriculants celebrate the release of their final results, Brainline’s matric class has illustrated the advantages of online learning by achieving a phenomenal 82.4% pass rate overall with 62.96% of these candidates achieving university exemption.

The group further achieved an impressive 127 A’s and 278 B’s, which Brainline attributes to the benefits of online learning combined with the sheer tenacity of its learners.

“This year’s results send a clear and powerful message that online learning offers a number of advantages as an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar school. Online learning provides an ideal model to learners who, for various reasons, want or need the flexibility and sense of self-reliance that this learning model allows. This cohort has, like their predecessors, achieved exceptional marks and earned their nationally recognised and accredited matric certificates,” notes Coleen Cronje, CEO of Brainline.

Founded in 1987, Brainline is the first online education provider to be recognised by the IEB. Today it provides an online learning platform to thousands of diverse learners in a wide range of subjects, including a few that are less common in online learning such as music, drama, equine studies and consumer studies.

“As Brainline, we can provide structure through a curriculum, classes, and online resources, but our learners’ many successes are accredited to their tenacity and dedication. The Brainline matric cohort has proven that they were up to the challenge, and that they have the internal motivation and drive to become the leaders that our country so desperately needs,” states Cronje.

“To all matric learners who may not have passed or done as well as you would have wanted, we would like to encourage and remind you that there are many ways to still achieve your desired results. Investigate the option of supplementary examinations later in the year or consider redoing a subject with Brainline to improve your marks.

“Having a matric certificate will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life, so whether you choose to swap subjects to something better suited to your individual aptitude or persevere with the subjects you originally attempted, it’s important to take this opportunity and make a success of it.”

Benefits of online learning for learners

The onset of the digital age has created a wealth of opportunities for South African learners to enrich and complete their schooling, providing learners with greater freedom and support than ever before, notes Cronje.

“Online learning teaches learners independence and self-discipline. Additionally, they become accustomed to studying in a digital environment and holding themselves accountable for studies and deadlines.”

Brainline is open to any learner, irrespective of their geographic or demographic status. There are also no entrance exams or other prerequisites other than having access to a computer and internet connection and having passed previous grades.

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