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Showcasing local expertise on a global stage, South African-born company GAST Clearwater presented its cutting-edge waterproofing solutions at the Surf Park Summit in San Diego, California last month.

GAST Clearwater is a next-generation water treatment company with an extensive international footprint, and is one of the only two companies in the world able to successfully create sustainable artificial beaches or urban lagoons. Responsible for the famous five-acre crystalline lagoon at Steyn City in Johannesburg, some of the other projects in development in its impressive portfolio are urban beaches in Dubai, South Korea, Pakistan, Utah, and even the Kalahari Desert.

As one of the event’s keynote speakers, GAST Clearwater co-founder and Principal Engineer Dr. Kevin Gast outlined the company’s unique waterproofing solution, which overcomes one of the industry’s most pressing issues: leaks due to wave velocities.

“The surf pool industry has been plagued for many years with failing or deteriorating waterproofing solutions, and compounds or products that deteriorate and perish under the pressure of waves and wave-generating velocities,” he explained.

“Traditional waterproofing methodologies require frequent maintenance, costing developers and operators millions. Moreover, current technologies and methodologies limit the design, application and guest experiences available at surf, wave pools.

“By contrast, our waterproofing solutions and methodologies provide a far more durable, cost-effective and sustainable alternative, ensuring a watertight solution for surf pools, surf parks, surf lakes or wave gardens that can last for years rather than months,” he said.

Notably, GAST Clearwater’s parent GAST Global is one of the world’s oldest and largest waterproofing companies, with over 13,000 successful projects globally. At the symposium, Dr. Gast therefore announced that its waterproofing would be backed by a 10-year guarantee, offering developers added peace of mind and lowered investment risk.

Also present at the event, GAST Clearwater co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kevin Gast made mention of the company’s ground-breaking Advanced Low Tension Electroporation Process (ALTEP) water treatment system.

Dubbed the “Tesla” of water treatment, the ALTEP system is an industry disruptor which offers the ability to treat all varieties of “dirty waters” without the need for chemicals, biologicals, membranes or mechanical elements. This provides a more convenient, low-maintenance, affordable and eco-friendly water treatment solution, enabling developers to transform wastewater into clearwater.

“As GAST Clearwater expands globally as one of the world’s leading artificial beach and urban lagoon developers, we are delighted to provide a much-needed waterproofing solution to a longstanding problem within the surf park industry,” stated Mr. Gast.

“Coupled with our ALTEP water treatment solution, which enables developers to use sewerage water, we can now offer a turnkey, single-point of responsibility solution to developers and wave generating companies, backed by full warranties and guarantees.”

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