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Pivoting an entire industry with Starrstruck

If you were sitting in any kind of meeting during the pandemic you would have heard one of two things. Either “you’re on mute” or “its time to pivot”. 2020 has been a particularly impactful year for businesses in every industry. While some may have thrived, much like the sudden boom of Zoom and Microsoft Teams within the technology industry, others have struggled to stay afloat, like the entertainment industry.

With theatres closing their doors, event spaces staying under lock and key, it was inevitable that the entertainment industry would take a hard knock, unless they pivoted. Tim Fish, founder of Starrstruck, realized that the only way to survive this new normal was to digitize and reimagine the industry through technology. This brought Starrstruck to life.

Starrstruck is a pay-per-view online entertainment platform that was born out of the realization that the entertainment industry will never be the same. This platform promotes digital content that has been curated with local performers that aims to reach fans in a world where social distancing and virtual events have become the norm. Starrstruck is driven to create a space which connects both local performers and fans through state-of-the-art technology.

The most recent performer to join Starrstruck in re-revolutionizing the entertainment industry is South African musician and BET International Award winner, Sjava. Sjava kicked off his birthday celebrations on the Starrstruck stage where he performed for an intimate group of fans and made the surprise announcement of the release of his new EP, ‘Umsebenzi’ later that night. Soon after his production, he hit 1 million online streams for the new EP 'Umsebenzi' in just 10 days.

“After the year we have all had in the entertainment industry, I was really impressed by Starrstruck’s innovation and commitment to keeping the industry moving. Offering performers such as myself the opportunity to continue not only performing but share our music and art with our fans in a safe way.” says Sjava.

Starrstruck hosts performers - in music, comedy, theatre, and dance - in a leading-edge studio with the latest technology. These productions, led by a dynamic and talented team of videographers, photographers, audio visual, sound, staging and lighting professionals are brought to life by behind-the-scenes pre-show interviews and an event that showcases the performers talents in the most captivating and engaging way.

“As president Cyril Ramaphosa said in last night’s state of the nation address; ‘there is a need to save lives while protecting livelihoods’, Starrstruck stays committed to doing just that” says Fish. Starrstruck produces quality productions that perfectly capture the dynamic talents of each performer while providing fans with a VIP, golden circle experience from the comfort and safety of their homes.

With Starrstruck, the show can still go on while we ride the second wave.

To be a part of this world-class production, fans can register on the Starrstruck website;

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