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Nick K Rheeder appointed to lead Frame Leisure Trading Marketing

Frame Leisure Trading, the parent company to The Cross Trainer, X Kids, X Trends and The Cross Trainer Edition stores, has announced the appointment of Nick K. Rheeder as their new Chief Marketing Officer. He joins the organisation at an executive level and will assume the responsibility of the group's marketing functions across all its operations.

Nick brings more than two decades of experience in Marketing and Brand positioning. He has an impressive track record spanning across Sales and Marketing, Consumables, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Food and Beverages and Retail. His extensive experience includes working with South Africa's leading retail and global luxury companies including but not limited to Louis Vuitton in New York. In his most recent role, he worked for Edcon as the Head of Fashion. Under his leadership, the company solidified its position in the fashion industry and expanded into a wider market segment.

“We are very excited to welcome Nick to our team. Nick is passionate about empowering young professionals, and this is key in elevating the organisation to reaching new markets. It’s also important to have such an experienced leader who possesses both a global and local understanding of fashion and its purpose in our organisation. His core values are aligned with those of the company and his understanding of the importance of not just fashion, but consumer relations too, will be very helpful in taking our stores and private label to new heights,” says Mark Frame, CEO of Frame Leisure.

Above his retail and sales experience, Rheeder will focus on strengthening and growing the business through effective marketing strategies, as he leads teams and lays the blueprint for the next phase in the journey of the company.

“I am thrilled to be part of and to join The Cross Trainer family. My main objective is to make the brand a household name in the athleisure sector. Many people already know who Frame Leisure Trading is, I am just here to add that XT-Ra touch. Rheeder also say that, “Frame Leisure Trading is a family business and family takes care of each another, and I am looking forward to making sure that the company continues to embody those qualities”.

Rheeder has the following mantras for the fashion industry:

  • • Fashion should not be dictated

  • • It should be relevant;You should know your consumer;

  • • Be authentic and Live and practice those values through your brand.

Fashion has always been a big part of Rheeder’s life, and it is something that makes this appointment so significant because it has come at a time where The Cross Trainer recently launched its private label, the XT Range, which is locally produced and manufactured. The company is also looking to the future with expansion plans in the pipeline, and the appointment of Rheeder is the beginning of great things to come.

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