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ZEISS South Africa has introduced a new dental microscope that is expected to dramatically enhance micro-dentistry in the country. The new ZEISS EXTARO 300 allows for increased efficiency and less time spent in the dentist’s chair.

ZEISS South Africa, Medical Divisional Manager, Grant Froneman, says the ZEISS EXTARO 300 provides breakthrough visualisation modes and introduces new applications to micro-dentistry.

“South Africans are often fearful of visiting the dentist because they associate it with the painful extraction of teeth. More advanced technology, however, is allowing dentists to operate with greater precision than ever before, reducing the exposure to painful surgery and improving efficiency.”

The ZEISS EXTARO 300 enables more efficient decay detection and simpler tooth restoration, without disrupting the dentist’s workflow. “Dental practitioners can switch between the dental microscope and Fluorescence Mode, which allows them to identify the border between natural and artificial composite resin. This means they can target the affected area quickly and save valuable chair time during cavity excavation,”explains Froneman.

In addition, the microscope allows dentists to analyse and restore teeth without the distracting reflections.

“Notably, the ZEISS EXTARO 300 is the first device to combine polarized illumination with magnification. Its ‘No Glare’ mode allows dental practitioners to precisely examine the nuances of the colour shades of a tooth. It effectively suppresses obtrusive light reflections from the tooth surface,” adds Froneman.

The True Light Mode, much like the standard Orange Colour Mode in conventional dental microscopes, does not cause premature hardening of restorative resin, giving dentists more time to complete complex tooth modelling tasks.

Froneman says the new technology offers convenience and ease of use for dentists.“They only need to use one finger to activate the multifunctional Mode Control to trigger all visualisation and capture modes as well as light settings. From the same hand position, they can adjust the focus without leaving their preferred ergonomic working position.”

The integrated HD camera records wirelessly to the ZEISS Connect App, from where images and videos can be directly transferred to a local network. The microscope innovates patient interaction with the app, allowing the dental practitioner to show images of past and current patient conditions and highlight areas requiring treatment, enabling patients to make informed decisions.

Dr Riaan Wolfaardt, who will be the first dentist to use the ZEISS Extaro 300 in South Africa, is excited to have such a technologically advanced piece of equipment at his disposal.

“The specs blew me away when I first read about it. The amount of added clinical valueI will be providing my patients because of the EXTARO 300 is phenomenal. I cannot wait to see how it changes my practice.”

“The ZEISS EXTARO 300 is poised to revolutionise dental practice in South Africa and make the dental experience more painless for dentists and patients alike,”concludes Froneman.

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