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Innovative Staffing Solutions, a subsidiary of Innovative Solutions Group TM, has employed one person for every working hour of 2017 in industries such as transport, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality and agriculture. This comes amid news by Statistics South Africa that businesses shed jobs 31,000 jobs in the third quarter. It is the third consecutive quarter that businesses have bled jobs.

Stats SA further found that 9,000 jobs were lost in the mining industry while the service industry shed 6,000 jobs, manufacturing 5,000 jobs and electricity 1,000 jobs. Growth was however seen in the construction industry where 4,000 jobs were created in September following a decline of 15,000 jobs in June. Moderate gains were also reported in the transport industry with 3,000 jobs added in the current quarter following five quarters of consecutive job shedding.

“We are elated to announce that we have managed to change the lives of many families this year by permanently outsourcing employees to new job opportunities in the various fields of industry that we are operational in. This shows that the outsourcing industry could be a key enabler of much needed growth and full time job creation in South Africa,” says Managing Director of Innovative Staffing Solutions and CEO of Innovative Solutions Group TM, Arnoux Maré.

Innovative Solutions Group TM provides effective outsourced services and solutions to companies all over South Africa. It currently has 17 subsidiaries, totalling more than 7,500 full time employees. Maré believes the outsourcing industry could effectively tackle the unemployment scourge in South Africa which currently stands at 26,6%.

“South Africa is in a position to emulate the success of countries such as India who has created 2,8 million jobs through outsourcing and the Philippines which stands at 750,000 jobs. The outsourcing industry can therefore become a substantial job creator and meaningful component of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” Maré says.

Recent studies indicate that more South African businesses favour outsourcing than the global average, however, there are some scepticism over making use of outsourcing services. While the cost savings and process efficiencies outsourcing can provide are widely recognised globally, many business leaders are worried about losing control of a key process by outsourcing. Other obstacles cited by South African executives were the high cost of implementation, having to lay off existing staff and a belief that it was too complex or risky to contract services. Maré is quick to dispel these concerns.

"Our outsourcing solutions are designed to simplify systems and lessen our clients’ workload,allowing them to do what they do best, while we focus on our core capability; their staffing needs. We also use the opportunity to address skill shortages through a continuous process oflearning and growth to the benefit of our clients,” he explains.

Maré is confident that Innovative Solutions Group TM will continue to lead the outsourcing industry in South Africa and aims to employ 15,000 people by the end of 2018.

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