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The Cross Trainer opens new flagship store at the V&A Waterfront.

Leading sports fashion retailer, The Cross Trainer has just opened its first-ever flagship store at the V&A Waterfront Mall in Cape Town.

As The Cross Trainer’s flagship store, this new space has taken on a modern design incorporating multiple touchpoints, from dynamic digital in-store elements to new slimline fixtures and feature zones, making the experience of the store more appealing and current.

“We are very excited to open our doors to sports fashion enthusiasts at the V&A Waterfront, providing shoppers with a bigger space that gives them an opportunity to experience our brand in a memorable way. Not only is the expansion boosting local employment by doubling the staff component in this The Cross Trainer store, but it is also building an ecosystem for designers, customers, tourists, and sports fans to conveniently access their essential items” says CEO, Mark Frame. “The Brand has grown exponentially, and with new styles being incorporated, the additional space was optimal to cater to this”, adds Frame.

“We have also collaborated with local fashion designer Sthembiso Mchunu, who recently designed an exclusive range, the Heritage Collection, for The Cross Trainer’s private label, XT, which will be housed and showcased in the new store”.

“We’ve seen that customers are still eager for in-person experiences, which is why we are so invested in our more accessible store formats in addition to e-commerce. We are striving to continuously improve the customer experience with our new and improved store layout and will be implementing a lot more experiential initiatives on a regular basis in-store,” says Chief Marketing Officer Nick K. Rheeder.

Find The Cross Trainer at the V&A Waterfront at shop 7215 or online at

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